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  • The role of commodity packaging

    Generally speaking, a product may have several packages. The toothpaste bag containing toothpaste often has a carton outside, and a cardboard box should be placed outside the carton for transportation and handling. Packaging and printing generally have four different functions. Today, the editor ...
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  • Printing and packaging: how much do you know about the classification of packaging bags

    The packaging bag is easy to carry and can be used to hold items. Various production materials, such as kraft paper, white cardboard, non-woven fabrics, etc. Do you know the specific classification of the handbag? 1. Promotional packaging bags Promotional packaging bags are designed through the p...
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  • The Importance Of The Packaging

    Product Packaging is referred to the cartons, boxes, bags, blisters, inserts, stickers and labels etc. Product Packaging can provide suitable protection to prevent the products from being damaged during the transportation, storage and sales process. Besides the protection function, the product pa...
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