Product Packaging is referred to the cartons, boxes, bags, blisters, inserts, stickers and labels etc.
Product Packaging can provide suitable protection to prevent the products from being damaged during the transportation, storage and sales process.
Besides the protection function, the product packaging also plays an important role in decorating the product, promoting the brand, meeting with customers’ aesthetic needs and psychological demands eventually accelerate the sales progress.

Product packaging is the visual experience of the product; The speaker of product features; The presentation of corporate image and positioning.
Well-designed product packaging is an important way of making the profit for an enterprise. An accurate strategic positioning and accordant with customer psychology packaging design can assist the enterprise to stand out in a group of competitors’ brands and win a good reputation.
DuPont’s laws points out that 63% of consumers made their purchase decisions just according to the product packaging. Because of this, market economy nowadays also frequently called attention economy. Only the eye-catching brand and packaging can be recognized and accepted by the consumer and converted into sales.
Therefore, all the enterprises must pay a high attention to the packaging function in the branding.
Every product has its unique packaging, and major brands even spare no money in designing the perfect packaging for its commodities.
Evidently, the packaging is quite important for the products:

Packaging Is A Kind Of Sales Power.
Today, the Market is filled with various products, attention of each product is very short, and the packaging must catch and grasp the consumer when they cast a glimpse on the shelves. Only the packaging that comprehensively utilized the Design, Color, Shape, Material to represent the information of Product, Brand and Company’s Concept and Culture, can attract the customer and give customer a good impression of the product and brand, then lead to action of purchase.
Packaging is the sales power that takes the primary responsibility of attracting the consumers.

Packaging Is A Kind Of Identification Power.
When the packaging successfully attract the consumer and grasp their attention, the packaging then must have the function to convey the product specification and features.
The product packaging requires not only a well-designed luxury appearance but also can speak for the product.
The product market performance is depending on how good the packaging presents the product features and detailed information.

Packaging Is A Kind Of Branding Power.
Packaging has the Marketing and Branding function. That is to say, the packaging can show the brand information; build the brand identification and let the consumer understand the Brand Name, Brand property, thus create a brand image.
In the branding architecture, the packaging also can be treated as one of the Brand Image source.
Packaging as an essential outward presentation of the product, it shoulder the responsibility for the feeling that an enterprise want to give to the consumer.
Packaging is a major role in product differentiation. It can create the brand feature and by this the consumers are attracted and sales are made.

Packaging Is A Kind Of Culture Power.
The heart of the packaging not only lies in outward appearance and feature, but also builds up from fusion of individual character and endearing character.
Packaging can show the product and enterprise’s Culture effectively

Packaging Is A Kind Of Affinity Power.
Product Packaging is Consumer oriented, it can meet consumer’s different demands, meanwhile bring the affinity power to the consumers.
All in all, packaging is endowed with more and more functions.
Packaging plays a more and more important role in marketing and branding.

Post time: Nov-20-2020