The packaging bag is easy to carry and can be used to hold items. Various production materials, such as kraft paper, white cardboard, non-woven fabrics, etc. Do you know the specific classification of the handbag?

1. Promotional packaging bags

Promotional packaging bags are designed through the packaging surface to promote and develop their own products. This type of packaging has richer colors, and the text and patterns are more eye-catching and design-like than ordinary handbags, thus attracting consumers’ attention and promoting Product sales.

At exhibitions, you can often see this kind of packaging. The company’s name, company logo, main products or company’s business philosophy are printed on the packaging, which invisibly promotes the corporate image and product image, which is equivalent to A mobile propaganda, with a wide range of flows, can not only meet the requirements of loading, but also has a good advertising effect, so it is a popular form of advertising for manufacturers and economic and trade activities. The more unique the design of this kind of packaging bag, the more exquisitely made, the better the advertising effect.

2. Shopping bags

This kind of packaging bag is more common, it is designed for supermarkets, shopping malls and other places, to bring convenience to consumers to carry consumer goods. This kind of packaging bag is mostly made of plastic material. Compared with other handbags, its structure and material are relatively solid and can hold more items, and the cost is low. Some shopping handbags will also print product or company information, which can also play a role in promotion and publicity.

3. Gift packaging bags

Gift packaging bags are exquisitely designed, such as the role of boutique boxes, which can generally increase the value of gifts. There are usually three kinds of materials: plastic, paper, and cloth, and the scope of application is also very wide. A beautiful gift packaging bag can better set off your gifts. With the ever-changing lifestyles, consumers have higher and higher requirements for gift packaging bags, and such gift packaging bags are becoming more and more popular.

Packaging bags are classified according to their materials

In the printing industry, the materials of packaging bags are generally coated paper, white paper, kraft paper, and white cardboard. Among them, coated paper is a more popular one because of its high whiteness and gloss, good printability, and good advertising effects after printing. Usually, after covering the surface of the coated paper with a light film or a matte film, it not only has the functions of moisture resistance and durability, but also looks more refined.

Post time: Nov-20-2020